Activities for the sea and the beach 

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Beach games 

Sitges has an ideal climate to enjoy outdoor activities and especially in it's beaches. 

We have different teambuilding options to carry out on the beach. 

We will select for each group a series of games ideal to have fun on the beach and create team. 

Beach sport in Sitges 

Water sports are a good option to enjoy a hot day. 

We will arrange for your group rotations of differents sports and you will be able to carry out this activity in competition mode or simply playful.

Sailing / Race 

You don't need to be an expert sailor to sail the waters of Sitges. 

With the help of our captains, we will complete a day at the sea, where you will learn the basics of sailing. 

We can divide the group and organise a small race where boats will compete among them. 

Big Sup 

STA huge table, very similar to paddle surf board, has capacity for ten people, who must work as a team to achieve the goal, moving in the water. 

We can organize Big Sup competitions with different boards or simply incorporate in the rotation of activities. 

Construction of rafts

Fun team competition. It takes place in the largest sandy beach. 

Each team builds its own raft that will float in the water at least the time required to get to the mark buoy and return 

The best and fastest will win!!


Would you like to organize a trip with your team on the Garraf coast with a catamaran? Enjoy a day at sea with water activities and fun atmosphere on board. 

Drinks and even barbecue, ask for the option that most fit your group, we've got different capabilities. 

36-42-80-100-125 passengers. 

Playa de La Marina

Sitges is a seaside resort with a special charm, a municipality with history and a consolidated international projection.

the brand "Sitges" this positioned at European level, being considered as an important destination both in winter and in summer 

A destination suitable for companies and individuals to carry out your events and meeings. 

¡Descubre la actividad más adecuada tu grupo o evento!

A lo largo de nuestra costa, podemos ofrecerte espacios únicos para llevar a cabo tus eventos a pie de playa.

Podrás realizar actividades en el mar con tu grupo y disfrutar de una autentica fiesta en la playa.

¡Sorprendete con calas a las que solo puedes llegar navegando! y tan solo a 20 minutos de Barcelona.



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