Creative activities 

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You will dance and sing with the best music

Would you like to create your own lip-dub? With the help of an art professionals and your skills we will produce a corporate video that it will endure in your minds. An activity that won't disappoint you. 


School of thieves 

Turn yourself in a real thief of white glove. In our school you will learn tactics and deception to be able to steal with class. The coordination of the all body, creativity and speed will be the key of this activity. Do you dare? 

TV Program 

Are you ready for a reality?

What are you able to do? Lose  the  shame,  with  a  presenter  and a  simulation  of  a  TV program. We challenge you to  different  games  to  goover  some  points,  and at the end you will see who is the best.

Creative activities 

Consult our offers with a greater succes 


Sing with your team the best music

We will create a magical night where all will be  the  protagonists, where  singing  and  music  have  absolute  power. That best way to cohesion  a  team  who  sings  together,  representing  the  best soundtracks. Guarantee the success...


Sing but don't tune!

You can not miss this incredible activity, we created a music festival, where the teams compete among for the victory. A madness of music festival in which the best hits of all times. You can sing Madonna to Coldplay. Come sing with us!

The forger 

Paint, create and imagine 

Will you be able to copy our best known artists?  with your wand mastery, it tries to falsify the most famous 

pictures. Can you develop works perfectly? 

Playa de La Marina

Sitges is a seaside resort with a special charm, a municipality with history and a consolidated international projection.

the brand "Sitges" this positioned at European level, being considered as an important destination both in winter and in summer 

A destination suitable for companies and individuals to carry out your events and meeings. 

¡Descubre la actividad más adecuada tu grupo o evento!

A lo largo de nuestra costa, podemos ofrecerte espacios únicos para llevar a cabo tus eventos a pie de playa.

Podrás realizar actividades en el mar con tu grupo y disfrutar de una autentica fiesta en la playa.

¡Sorprendete con calas a las que solo puedes llegar navegando! y tan solo a 20 minutos de Barcelona.



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